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Yes, we print and mail seminar invitations! What we do differently is work with you to help make your seminar a success! Giving a great presentation does not always guarantee a profitable seminar. We specialize in helping with all the little details before and after the seminar.

Seminar Order Forms:

Seminar Order Form in PDF


  • List (Age, Income & Homeowners)
  • Printing, Mailing & Postage
  • Custom Designed Full Color Invitation
  • 24/7 Reservation Service w/ Dedicated 800 Number
  • Two Custom Prequalifying Questions to Ask Each Caller
  • Invite Sent as a JPG and 8.5×11 Flyer
  • 30 Client Bring a Friend Invites Shipped to Your Office
  • 20 Extra Invites Shipped to Your Office
  • Mail Tracking – Average Mail Delivery is 3-7 days Anywhere in the US

Seminar Timeline

We prefer to have 30 days before your first seminar date to complete an order. We can move fast on the design and printing but we cannot control the post office delivery times. There are three parts to a seminar mailing. The first part is the printing and mailing. The second part is the mail delivery and the third is when you want the mail to hit the mail boxes. Once we receive your proof approval and payment, we need 5 business days to print and mail your order. First Class mail is delivered in 1-5 days and Standard Pre-Sort is delivered in 3-7 days. We recommend having the mail start to hit the mail boxes approximately 15-17 days before the first seminar date.

Seminar Location

A crucial step to having a successful seminar is finding a good seminar location. All you have to do is call or email us and let us know what area you would like to target. We will email you a list of locations with private banquet rooms. You then tell us which ones you like and we will call and check on pricing and availability. All you have to do is visit the locations that you are interested in and reserve the dates. Have someone sit in the back of the room and see if they can hear you. Will you need a microphone system? What is the best spot to stand while giving your presentation? Where will you have the check-in table? And what kind of table set-up is available?

Mailing Lists

We offer hundreds of different list choices. The most common list criteria used for seminar mailings are zip code, age, income and definite homeowners. Some other common list selections are (IPA) Income Producing Assets, women’s only, couples and home value. We can also break down the area by zip code, county, radius and carrier routes.

Best Days of the Week

We have found that, generally, the more choices you offer, the higher the response rate. We recommend putting at least three to four dates on your invitations. Tuesdays pull the highest response rate closely followed by Thursday, then Wednesday and Monday. In some areas Wednesday is a popular church night so that could affect your response rate.

We recommend using different days of the week and spreading the different seminar dates over a two week time period. If they are busy one week, they will attend the event the following week. Always check your local calendar in your community for local events that may impact your response rate. Some local events that could impact your response rate are school events, graduations, fairs, sporting events and other local events.

Reservation Back Fill

Usually the first seminar date fills up the fastest and the last date is the lightest. Normally you can expect a 20% drop off of prospects who made a reservation and either cancelled before the date or confirm they will be attending and then do not show. These are prospects that could be potential clients but had to cancel at the last minute. All you have to do is email or call us and we will call them to see if they can make it to one of the other available seminar dates.

New to Seminars or Just Getting Back into Them?

The seminar start-up program was created for financial professionals who have never done seminars or those just getting back into them. We include everything you need to have a successful seminar in one simple price. The price includes the list (age, income and definite homeowners), postage, mailing, help finding the best seminar location and negotiating the food costs, calling all of your cancellations and no shows to help back fill your reservations, dedicated 800 number answered in your company name, two custom questions and downloadable name tags and sign-in sheet. Also included in the price are 30 Gold Fold Over Invites inserted inside an envelope that are shipped directly to your office to be mailed out to your existing clients or prospects.

Seminar Advantage Program – $1,999

  • 3,000 8.5” x 5.5” Color Postcards
  • Complimentary Seminar Location Search and Food Negotiation
  • Upgraded List (Age, Income, Homeowners)
  • Call Center with Dedicated 800 Number and 24/7 Operator
  • Design, Printing, Postage and Mail Tracking Included
  • Landing Page
  • Call your wait lists, no shows and cancellations to help fill your seminars
  • Client Bring A Friend invites
  • Seminar & Appointment Setter Coaching

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