Lead Generation

Financial Seminar Services offers several different lead generation programs to choose from. Our lead generation programs build more credibility and trust because we allow you to personalize our mailers with your picture, bio and company logos and all of our mailers are printed in full color to make you look professional and stand out! We have a three day print turnaround on each order so you could be getting leads in a matters of days instead of weeks!

Gift Card Mailings:

Financial Seminar Services Gift Card Mailings are a great way for advisors to connect with prospects. You get to meet with the prospects for a portfolio review either at your office or in their home. At the conclusion of the appointment, you give them a gift card for meeting with you. Most agents offer a $100 gift card to a local restaurant, gas station or retail store. These are actual prospects that meet your specific criteria and want to talk to you.

One on One:

Our One on One program allows you to meet interested prospects in your area for either lunch or dinner. It is a private meeting that allows more trust to be established in a one on one setting rather than a public seminar. On a 5,000 piece mailing, you should expect to receive 5-12 appointments. Some agents get a higher amount and some get lower depending on the type of list used and restaurant choices.

Landing Pages / Lead Capture Page:

Landing Pages / Lead Capture Pages are a one page website to advertise your product or services. These are separate from your current website and are usually targeted towards a specific offer. If you were doing a mailing advertising Social Security, the landing page would only list information about that topic and have a box for the prospect to fill out to respond.

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