Seminar Training
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2.1 Seminar Training

Check Sample

Keep your prospects thinking about you and retirement each time they go to their refrigerator. Add a magnetic check to everyone’s seminar folder! During your presentation, ask your prospects to write on the check how much income per month they need for retirement. This check will be their takeaway to bring home, and put on their refrigerator.

Cufflinks Story

A short story about how shopping for Cufflinks in a small town in Texas relates to retirement.

Inflation Sample

In this video, we have the prospects take out a $100 Venezuelan Bolivar to show that even though they think they have enough money for retirement, if the US dollar is devalued, their retirement could only be worth pennies on the dollar. This example of interaction will get them thinking, and wanting to request an appointment.

Diving Story

A short story on how diving in Acapulco can relate to retirement.

Full Seminar

Howell Part 1

Good example of a 50 min Full Seminar.

Howell Part 2

Good example of a 50 min Full Seminar.