I hired a new appointment setter the day before my seminar. My appointment setter watched all of the Financial Seminar Services training videos and did one Appointment Setter Coaching call. She set more appointments the first night than my previous appointment setter did in four. THANK YOU FINANCIAL SEMINAR SERICES!

We sent Financial Seminar Services a list of past cancellations to Financial Seminar Services, they called everyone and helped fill up an overflow date we had to open because of our response. Thanks to Financial Seminar Services, we had a bonus seminar from the same mailing!

I have been mailing with Financial Seminar Services for over 10 years now! I get calls from other mail houses all the time, no one offers what Financial Seminar Services does!

You my friend, are THE BEST in this business! Thank you for always being on top of everything!

You called me about an agent attending my seminar and offered to call and cancel. Financial Seminar Services goes above and beyond any mail house I ever worked with!

My restaurant closed for good two days before my seminar. You guys found a new location, called all my reservations and moved everyone in ONE DAY! I never heard of a mail house doing this! Financial Seminar Services is incredible!

I know of a dozen mail houses I can use. It is all about service. No one offers more than Financial Seminar Services!

We had to cancel the event due to bad weather and you guys called our responders and helped us re-schedule everyone! Thank you!

Thank you Financial Seminar Services for ALL that you do for our agents, we appreciate all the effort you add to creating our amazing mailers and by your work, service & great attitude.

Your mailer is getting us a great response for the seminars please give your team my thanks for an outstanding job!

Your coaching allowed us to minimize our mistakes. With the tools you gave us the event flowed well. Now if I can get my presentation cut down to an hour I’ll be dangerous!

Financial Seminar Services’s mailing quality is top notch, great response rate, and always make back 3-5 times our investment in these seminars.